Thessaloniki Airport Parking

Parking facilities available at Thessaloniki Airport

There are several reasons why you might need to find parking space at the airport, for example if you live nearby and are flying to another country and need somewhere to keep the vehicle while you’re away, which is known as long term parking. Alternatively, you might just be coming to the airport to pick someone up and just need somewhere that you can briefly park while you wait for them to get through arrivals, and this is known as short term parking.

There are five specific parking areas that you can find at the airport, and these are available throughout the year and they are open all day, seven days a week.

The parking lots that are available at the airport include:

  • P4: Short term parking
  • P5: Prebooked taxis and coaches
  • P6: Long term parking
  • P7: Long term parking
  • P8: Long term parking

You can find the parking sections situated across from the airport’s main terminal building, and it is only a short walk to get from the parking area to the inside of the airport terminal. Parking in any of the lots is guaranteed to be safe because they are all monitored by non-stop security.

Be sure to only ever use the designated parking sections of the airport, which will be highlighted by signs pointing the way – or you can ask an airport representative to guide you. Never park in the departments or arrivals areas because this is not allowed and you may receive a fine.

The parking lots are uncovered, meaning they are all in the open air, so if you would prefer to have a covered space for your vehicle you should research alternative parking options nearby. There are a few private operators that might be able to provide paid parking space for your car as needed but beware that some of these can cost more than parking within the airport.

Costs for parking at Thessaloniki Airport

When trying to decide whether to use the parking options available at the airport, an important consideration is how much it might cost you, which will vary depending on which lot you use.
As the table below shows, you can expect to pay from as little as €4 to use one of the short term parking options that allow you to leave your vehicle for up to a full hour.

If you are planning on leaving your vehicle at the airport for an extended period of time, for example, many weeks, then you might want to consider buying a monthly pass for parking that is available that can cost between €60 and €80 depending on which section you use.

Costs of parking options at Thessaloniki Airport

Amount of parking time usedCost for P4 short term parkingCost for P6 and P7 long term parkingCost for P8 long term parking
1 hour€4€4€4
1 day€24€12€8
2 days€36€16€14
3 days€48€20€18
1 week€96€36€32
2 weeks€180€57€46
3 weeks€264€78€60