Thessaloniki Airport Lounges

Lounges available during your time at the airport

Whether you are traveling for business and need a dedicate space to work, or whether you simply prefer the extra comfort that a business or other type of lounge can provide during your time before or after your flight, there are a few options to choose from at the airport.

Lounge nameLocation
AEGEAN Business LoungeTerminal 1, ground floor, departures area
"The Lounge" ThessalonikiTerminal 2, second floor, airside
Manolis Andronikos Skyserv LoungeTerminal 2, second floor, airside

Each of the terminals will require that you pay for same day entry to use their services, but in exchange for the fee – which varies based on which lounge that you choose – you will be given free food and drink, nicer furniture, newspapers and other reading material, space to host a business meeting or work, and various other perks during the time that you are in the lounge.

Just remember that the lounges have a set capacity, which should be made clear on signs at the entrance. If they reach this capacity – which can happen at very busy travel times such as the peak months for tourism – then you will not be able to use the lounge until someone leaves.