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Thessaloniki Airport Taxi

Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia, is one of the primary hubs for tourists, business travelers and others who fly here from elsewhere in Greece or other countries because they’re heading to Thessaloniki, which is Greece’s second biggest city with more than 1 million residents.

Thessaloniki Airport Taxi
Thessaloniki Airport Taxis

But the airport is situated roughly 13 kilometers (or about 8 miles) from the city center, and therefore it is not walkable and you will need some type of transportation to get you into Thessaloniki after your flight has landed and you’ve got your bags and cleared security.

There are three main methods of transportation that are available at Thessaloniki Airport, and they are taking a taxi, renting a car or taking a public bus to get into the city.

Advantages of taking a taxi from Thessaloniki Airport

Deciding on the best transportation option for you to travel between the airport and Thessaloniki will be contingent on factors like how many people you’re riding with, how much luggage space you need, whether you need to be dropped off exactly at your destination, and your budget.

Taking a taxi can be an affordable method for the journey and one that has several benefits. For example, one advantage of this way of traveling is that it offers great privacy because the only people in the car will be the driver, you and any people you’re on vacation with.

You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that your suitcases and other luggage will be safely locked in the trunk of the taxi, compared to being unsecured on a public bus.

Another important benefit of riding by taxi is that the driver will take you to the front door of your hotel or other accommodation in Thessaloniki or elsewhere in Greece, compared to buses that might drop you several blocks away from your destination, requiring a long walk.

Thessaloniki Airport Taxi Important details

Taxis are available from the airport 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so you should be able to get a ride even in a situation where you land very early in the morning or late at night because of a flight delay. However, you should be prepared for possibly waiting longer than usual to get picked up at the airport if your flight arrives at a quieter time of day.

After your flight has landed and you have gone through security and retrieved your luggage, just look for the signs directing you to the taxi pickup area, which is between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at the doors marked for Exit 3 and Exit 4. If you are having difficulty with finding the taxi waiting area then you can just ask one of the airport staff members to help you out.

Riding in a taxi from Thessaloniki Airport to the city center are charged using a meter, which calculates the cost of the journey based on how far you travel. The typical taxi ride to Thessaloniki should cost between €20 and €30, but it might be cheaper or more expensive depending on exactly where you’re heading and how much distance you cover.

It’s important to know that between midnight and 5am the overall taxi fares increase, so you can expect to pay more than the standard average fare if you’re traveling within these hours.

Many of the taxis operating at Thessaloniki Airport should be able to accept major credit cards for you to pay the fare, but it can be wise to carry cash to cover the cost just in case they don’t.

Estimated Taxi Fares From Thessaloniki Airport

When traveling to and from Thessaloniki Airport (SKG), it is important to have an idea of the potential taxi fares to expect for budgeting purposes. Taxi fares are determined by the taxi meter based on the distance traveled. However, there are standard estimated fares for traveling between the airport and major landmarks within the city.


To/From Thessaloniki City Center

The city center of Thessaloniki, including points such as Aristotelous Square or the White Tower, is approximately 15 km from the airport.

The fixed fare for travel between the airport and city center is:

  • Day time (05.00-24.00): Thessaloniki Airport – Centre and vice versa: 25 euro.
  • Night time (00.00-05.00): Thessaloniki Airport – Centre and vice versa: 35 euro.

To/From Train Station

  • The central train station of Thessaloniki is about 15 km or 9 miles from the airport. The estimated taxi fare for travel between Thessaloniki Airport and the central train station is €30-€35 or $35-$41 USD.

To/From Port

  • The main port of Thessaloniki is around 17 km or 11 miles from the airport. The expected taxi fare for travel between Thessaloniki Airport and the port is €35-€40 or $41-$47 USD

Additional Fees

  • There may be additional small fees for extra luggage or for travel between 10 pm to 6 am. Tipping the driver around 10% of the total fare is customary but not required.
  • Fares are subject to change, so check with the official Thessaloniki Airport website for the latest taxi fare information. By understanding the potential fares in advance, you can budget properly for ground transportation to and from Thessaloniki Airport.

Tips and tricks about taking a Thessaloniki Airport taxi

Only ever take a ride in an officially licensed Thessaloniki Airport taxi, as they are all colored white and blue and they are regulated to protect against the risk of scamming passengers.

Once you get inside an airport taxi you should be able to clearly see the driver’s photo identification, the taxi meter and the taxi’s unique number. If you cannot see any of these important elements then you should ask the driver to make them visible to you.

Don’t believe any driver who picks you up at the airport and claims that you are required by law to tip them after the journey is over, because there are no rules in place that mandate passengers to give tips to their taxi drivers. But if you think that you were given a safe, smooth and fair ride to your destination in the city, you can tip your driver with a few Euros as a thank you. Don’t tip anything in the event that you believe the ride was overcharged or unsafe.

Also ignore any taxi drivers that approach you inside either of the airport terminals and claim that they can give you a discounted fare to get to Thessaloniki or anywhere else. That’s because these drivers are not authorized to pick up passengers at the airport, which also means that their insurance won’t cover you. As a result, if the car gets into an accident and you are injured, you’ll be liable for paying any medical bills that you might be charged with later.

The vast majority of airport taxi drivers are honest but a handful of them might try to take you on a very long route to your hotel or other location in or around the city, because this will increase the final fare by making the journey longer. An easy way to avoid falling for this scam is to research the quickest route before your flight, and then insist that the driver stick to this.

Thessaloniki Airport Taxi FAQs

The airport is situated roughly 10 miles (or about 17 kilometers) from the city center.

It should take you about 30 minutes to complete your taxi ride from Thessaloniki to the city center with typical traffic. The journey could be quicker if you’re traveling at quieter times like early in the morning or late at night, and it may be longer at busy periods like rush hour.

Thessaloniki Airport Taxis that are allowed to pick up passengers at the airport will be painted in a dark shade of blue and they will have a sign reading “TAXI” on their rooftop. If the sign is not illuminated then the taxi is available to pick you up, but it the sign is lit up then the taxi is occupied.

Yes there is a fixed price.

Based on the new price list, announced by the Taxi Union, the new charges are as follows:

-Starting and dropping a flag: 1,80 euro (from 1,19)

-Multi-rate: 0,90 per kilometre (from 0,68)

-Double fare - Night: 1,25 per kilometre (from 1,19)

-Minimum allowance: EUR 4 (from EUR 3,16)

-Charge per hour - Maximum waiting time of 20 minutes: EUR 15

-Airport - Thessaloniki Airport-Centre and vice versa: EUR 25

-Airport-Thessaloniki Airport-Centre and vice versa-Night (00.00-05.00): 35 euro

For any other destination the airport taxis all use meters which calculate your fare based on how far you travel. Therefore, the further that your hotel or other type of accommodation is located from the airport, the more expensive you can anticipate the final taxi fare will be.

When your airport taxis journey begins, the starting fare will be €1.80, with an additional €0.90 charged for every kilometer that you travel. If you need to keep the taxi waiting for any reason, then the waiting fee is €15. Also, if you have luggage that exceeds 10 kilograms in weight then you will need to pay an extra €0.40 for every such item.

No, these are unlicensed drivers who will tell you that they can give you a cheaper fare into the city – but the cost usually ends up being much more than you would have paid with an authorized taxi. In addition, unlicensed drivers will likely not have insurance to cover any costs that you may incur for medical help or other expenses if the taxi gets into an accident.

There are no laws or regulations that require you to pay your taxi driver a tip in addition to the fare. But it is considered a nice gesture to give the driver a few extra Euros in cash if you believe that the ride you had was quick, comfortable and safe. If, however, you believe that the ride was unsafe, overpriced or otherwise problematic then you shouldn’t leave a tip.

Yes, Uber currently operates at Thessaloniki Airport and can sometimes be cheaper than taking a taxi. To use this service, you’ll need to download the Uber app and book your ride once your flight has landed, and then meet the driver where the app tells you to go at the airport.

No, you should not expect that your taxi driver will speak English and therefore planning ahead can help you to have a smoother journey. For example, before your flight you could look up the directions form the airport to your hotel or wherever else you’re staying, print this information out and then show it to your taxi driver in order to get to your destination.

Yes, you should be able to get a taxi from Thessaloniki airport no matter what time your flight arrives, even if it’s delayed and lands late at night – but the wait for a taxi could be longer than during daytime hours when the airport is busiest. Note also that you’ll pay €1.25 per kilometer traveled between midnight and 5am, compared to €0.90 per kilometer at all other times.