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Helpful Tips & What to Watch Out For

When traveling abroad, you should always be aware of the potential for taxi scams. This is especially true in Greece, where unscrupulous drivers often target unsuspecting tourists. In this article, you will learn about some of the most common taxi scams in Greece and how to avoid them. By being informed and vigilant, you can enjoy your time in Greece without getting ripped off. We will provide tips on agreeing to a fare upfront, avoiding unmarked taxis, taking only licensed cabs, and recognizing other red flags. With this knowledge in hand, you can confidently take taxis during your Greek vacation while steering clear of any shady operators. Stay safe and save your money for souvenirs instead of wasting it on exorbitant cab fares.

Common Taxi Scams to Watch Out for in Greece

As a visitor to Greece, you should be aware of some common taxi scams that target tourists. Always be vigilant when taking taxis in Greece.

  • Rigged Meters: Some dishonest drivers manipulate taxi meters to charge higher fares. Only take taxis with meters, and make sure the meter is turned on when you get in. The meter should start at the minimum fare amount, not a higher amount.
  • Long Routes: Shady drivers may take longer routes to increase the fare. Use a map to track the expected route and speak up if the driver deviates from it. Politely ask the driver to take the most direct path to your destination.
  • Demanding Cash Only: Legitimate taxi drivers accept both cash and cards. Be suspicious if a driver demands cash only, especially for a high fare amount. Legitimate drivers will turn on the meter to charge the actual fare amount.
  • Luggage Fees: There are no extra fees for luggage or additional passengers in licensed Greek taxis. Do not pay any additional charges for your bags or other riders.
  • Refusing Short Fares: Licensed taxi drivers will accept any fare amount. Dishonest drivers may refuse short fares or claim the destination is too close to meter. This is illegal. Take down the taxi details and report the driver.

By being vigilant, verifying rates, and knowing your rights, you can avoid falling prey to taxi scams in Greece. Do not hesitate to report any taxi refusing service or overcharging to the local authorities. Enjoy your trip, but remain cautious when taking taxis.

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Cabbies in Greece

When taking taxis in Greece, be aware of some common scams to watch out for so you don’t get overcharged or taken advantage of:

  • Agree on a fare before getting in the cab. Ask the driver for an estimate of the total fare to your destination so there are no surprises at the end of the ride. Get them to run the meter to avoid being overcharged.
  • Watch out for “broken” meters. Some drivers will claim the meter is broken so they can charge an inflated flat fare. Politely insist the meter be used or find another taxi.
  • Don’t accept offers for taxi tours. Taxi drivers may offer to give you a special “tour” of the city or attractions. These often come with high fares and unwanted detours to their friends’ shops or restaurants. Kindly decline.
  • Count your change carefully. Dishonest drivers may shortchange customers, especially tourists, by dropping part of the change in their lap or pocket, assuming the rider won’t notice or count it. Always count the fare and your change before exiting the vehicle.
  • Don’t leave personal items behind. Keep your bags, luggage, and other belongings with you when exiting the taxi. Some drivers may take off as soon as you’ve removed your items from the trunk, refusing to return them unless you pay a hefty “ransom.”

By being vigilant and aware of these common tricks, you can enjoy using taxis in Greece without fear of being scammed or taken for a ride in more ways than one. The vast majority of cab drivers there are honest, so don’t be afraid to use their services—just exercise caution and trust your instincts.

Greece Taxi Scam FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

You likely have some pressing questions about the common taxi scams in Greece and how to avoid becoming a victim. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do I spot a dishonest taxi driver?

Some warning signs that a taxi driver may try to scam you include:

  • The taxi does not have a visible taxi sign (called a ‘taxi’ or ‘TAXI’ sign), meter, rates or ID number. Legitimate taxis will clearly display this information.
  • The driver offers you a flat rate fare instead of using the meter. Standard practice is for the meter to be used.
  • The driver takes you to your destination via an indirect route to increase the fare. Most journeys have a reasonably direct path.
  • The driver demands an exorbitant fare that does not match the rate on the meter. Check that the meter fare matches the rates posted in the taxi before riding.
  • The driver refuses to provide a receipt for the fare. All taxi rides should provide an official receipt upon request.

What if I realize I’m being scammed during the ride?

Politely but firmly tell the driver you want them to stop the vehicle immediately. Do not engage in confrontation. Exit the taxi as quickly as possible, note the taxi details and report the incident to the police to help prevent future scams. Pay only the fare shown on the meter. Do not pay any additional fees the driver demands. Your safety is the top priority here.

How can I avoid taxi scams altogether?

The best way to avoid taxi scams in Greece is:

  • Call for a taxi from a licensed taxi company or taxi stand instead of hailing one on the street. Licensed taxis have more accountability.
  • Ask your hotel concierge or waiter to call a reputable taxi service for you. They have an incentive to provide good service to customers.
  • Consider ridesharing services like Uber which employ drivers with accountability and traceable vehicles.
  • If hailing a taxi, look for the signs of an official, licensed taxi before entering and be prepared to note details like the taxi number in case of issues.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk away from any taxi that makes you feel unsafe or that you suspect is unlicensed or dishonest. Your trip safety is most important.


As you explore Greece’s don’t let an unscrupulous taxi driver ruin your trip. Stay vigilant and protect yourself by only using licensed taxis, agreeing on a fare upfront, and following direct routes. Keeping these simple precautions in mind will allow you to fully enjoy the magic of Greece without the stress of being scammed. With proper preparation, you can avoid taxi scams and appreciate the rich culture and warm hospitality that Greece has to offer.