Until the end of 2024 the taxi traffic on the bus routes of Thessaloniki, due to the metro

Thessaloniki Airport Taxis carrying passengers will be able to circulate on the bus routes of Thessaloniki until 31 December 2024, daily and 24 hours a day, for the period of time during the construction works of the metro.

As highlighted in a decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport “Allowed during the period of the construction works of the Thessaloniki metro and until December 31, 2024 the circulation, daily and around the clock, of Passenger Public Service Vehicles (P.P.U.) vehicles that carry a passenger in the special lanes of exclusive bus transit lanes designated for public transport in this city.

The stop within these for the purpose of embarking and disembarking passengers will be carried out in the special embarkation and disembarkation recesses for buses and coaches defined by the relevant decisions defining the special exclusive lanes for public transport’.