Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

Greek cuisine is admired around the world and you likely have one or Greek restaurants in your hometown, but nothing beats trying the real thing on a trip to this country. And one of the best places to sample a wide range of local delicacies is in the city of Thessaloniki.

Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

This centuries-old tourist destination sees millions of visitors every year who come to enjoy the historical, cultural and religious sights, go shopping at unique boutiques or simple unwind on the beach and enjoy the great Mediterranean weather. But one activity that everyone indulges is discovering cafes, restaurants and other places where they can have a great meal.

From moussaka to pastitsio and many more dishes, you will experience menus that offer a healthy and delicious range of things to eat for appetizers, entrees and desserts that use freshly grown vegetables, the finest olive oil, fish caught that day, cheeses, olives and various other ingredients – and you can make your meal even more memorable with a glass of local wine.

Below you will find a summary of some of the greatest choices for food and drink while you’re on vacation in Thessaloniki. The choices range from casual places to get a quick meal through to five star fine dining establishments that might have a dress code for you to enter. There’s genuinely something for everyone when it comes to eating out in this city.

The Best Local Dining Spots In Thessaloniki Greece

Meze Meze

This is a large restaurant so it’s great for big groups or for families that have children, because it has a relaxing atmosphere as well as a wide-ranging menu of Greek specialties made with local produce. Many of the dishes here are made with lamb, beef or seafood and they are based on Mediterranean recipes. Prices here are in the moderate range compared to other dining options, and there’s a decent wine list, although non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Address: Konstantinou Karamanli, 2, Kordelio

Uzeri Lola

This is a tavern where you will often find many residents of Thessaloniki coming together to dine because it is situated near the center of the city, with good views of the surrounding area. The building itself is at least three decades old and it is decorated in an inviting and informal way, which is another draw for locals. The typical price range for food here is reasonable, and you’ll find that the best items to select are those using freshly caught seafood.

Address: Agapinou 10


If you are going to be in Thessaloniki for a while, you might want to consider paying more than one visit to this venue because the chef and owner Girogos Zannakis is well known for constantly revising his menu, sometimes more than once in the same week. The humble décor reminds visitors of a family kitchen and dining area, making it very inviting. And you will see that several of the dishes on offer have some type of Asian influence in their style or ingredients.

Address: 5 Aischylou

Olympus Naoussa

For those people on vacation who prefer fine dining, or anyone who would like a memorable special meal at a first class venue, this restaurant is a suitable selection. The dining room, housed inside a historic building, has amazing views of the gulf outside, and every item on the menu is just as visually impressive. You’ll experience creative ways to serve primarily seafood but be prepared to pay far more than you might at some more casual restaurants.

Address: 5 Nikis Ave

Deka Trapezia

Anyone who has never sampled the meze approach to dinner should pay a visit to this higher cost restaurant to learn about it. With meze, you get smaller portions of what’s available on the menu but this means you can sample a larger number of dishes. Some of the menu might be considered challenging to those with basic tastes, but if you are willing to be adventurous and not worry too much about the cost then you should have a wonderful time here.

Address: Str. Kallari 4

Music Tavern Rosiniol

At the other end of the cost scale, this tavern has very affordable prices for practically everything on its menu, and it also has a wide-ranging drinks list, so you should be able to find something that everyone in your traveling group can enjoy. And as an added bonus, as the name of this venue implies, live music is frequently performed here, so you can listen to some local performers playing tunes and singing while you eat and drink with your friends.

Address: Athinas, 21 & Herodotou


If you’re interested in trying the Greek dish of a gyro, which is grilled meat served in pita bread, then this is a decent place to visit. The customer service here is among the best in and around the city, and they make every diner feel very welcome. Your gyro will be made to order, so you can choose how you want it prepared, and the meatballs known as soutzoukakia are another specialty made in-house. This is also a place that is very popular with city residents.

Address: 2 Fanarioton Square


Although many of the restaurants, taverns and other venues in and around Thessaloniki focus heavily on meat and fish dishes, there are a handful of places that are renowned for offering a tasty and varied range of vegetarian options – and that includes Loupino. You will find that prices fall in the mid-range, so many people will find the restaurant affordable. It’s also near to the port, so you enjoy a stroll along the waterfront either before or after your meal.

Address: Katouni, 4


This is another venue that is ideal for special occasions because it offers first-class fine dining in some of the most stylish surroundings you will find among restaurants in the city. You can find Ambrosia situated within the Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki, and the menu focuses heavily on novel interpretations of recipes that are common to the Greece and the Mediterranean region. The restaurant also has a solid wine list featuring domestic and foreign options.

Address: 13 Kilometres Thessaloniki-Pereaia