(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Destination PRICE
Parikia Town (Capital) 48€
Naousa 57€
Paros Port 48€
Punta 44€

Thessaloniki Taxis

As a visitor to Thessaloniki navigating the city and getting around can be a challenge if you don’t speak the language or know your way. Hiring a taxi is often the easiest transportation option, but even that comes with difficulties if you don’t understand the local taxi culture. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to confidently and seamlessly hire Thessaloniki taxis during your visit. We’ll cover how to hail a cab on the street, call or use an app to request a pickup, tips for communicating with drivers who may not speak English, pricing information, and safety recommendations when using taxis in Thessaloniki. With this guide’s advice, your taxi experiences will be stress-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying the amazing sights and culture of this historic seaside city.

Thessaloniki Taxi
Thessaloniki Taxi

Overview of Taxis in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is served by an extensive network of taxis that provide a convenient way for visitors and residents to navigate the city. Taxis in Thessaloniki can be hailed on the street or booked in advance by calling a taxi company’s dispatch service.

Taxi Companies in Thessaloniki

There are many reputable taxi companies operating in Thessaloniki, including Thessaloniki Taxi, Taxi Thessaloniki 24 Hours, and Radio Taxi Thessaloniki. These companies offer 24-hour service with multilingual drivers, accept major credit cards, and provide receipts upon request. Taxis can accommodate up to four passengers and some companies offer vehicles that can transport passengers with reduced mobility.

Taxi Fares and Routes

Taxi fares in Thessaloniki are regulated by the city and charged based on the time and distance of your trip. The initial fare covers the first 1.5 kilometers and includes a small surcharge. Fares increase for trips taken at night, on Sundays and holidays, and for each piece of luggage. Taxis in Thessaloniki cannot charge extra fees for more than four passengers or for pets. The most common taxi routes in Thessaloniki are between the airport and city center, train stations and hotels, and tourist attractions like the White Tower and Archaeological Museum.

Booking a Taxi

The easiest way to book a taxi in Thessaloniki is by calling a taxi company’s 24-hour dispatch service. Provide your location and destination, the number of passengers, and any special needs like extra luggage space. The dispatcher will give you an estimated arrival time for your taxi. You can also book taxis up to 24 hours in advance for airport transfers and tours. Hailing a taxi on the street in Thessaloniki may be difficult, especially during busy times, so booking in advance is recommended.

With metered fares, reputable companies, and the ability to book in advance, taxis provide a convenient transportation option for getting around Thessaloniki. By understanding the taxi services available and fares charged, you can travel confidently to any destination in the city.

How to Hail a Thessaloniki Taxi

Locate an Available Taxi

The easiest way to hail a taxi in Thessaloniki is to locate one on the street. Look for taxis with an illuminated rooftop sign that says “TAXI.” Once you spot an available taxi, raise your arm to signal the driver you need a ride. The driver will pull over, at which point you can open the door and enter the taxi.

Provide Your Destination Address

After entering the taxi, provide the driver with the specific address of your destination. Be prepared to also provide the name of the location if your destination is a business or point of interest. The driver will enter the address into the taxi meter to calculate the fare for your trip.

Pay the Meter Fare

Fares for taxi rides in Thessaloniki are calculated based on the mileage and duration of your trip. The taxi meter will display the total fare owed at the end of your ride. It is customary to pay this amount in cash, though some taxis do accept credit and debit cards. The standard fare for a taxi ride within Thessaloniki should be between €5 to €15. Expect to pay higher fares for rides to and from the airport or train station.

Tip the Driver (Optional)

If you received good service, you may tip your taxi driver around 10% of the total fare. While not mandatory, tips are always appreciated by taxi drivers for good service. Simply tell the driver to keep the change or leave a tip in the tip jar to show your gratitude for a safe trip.

By following these steps, you can feel confident hailing and riding in one of Thessaloniki’s taxis. Enjoy your trip to this historic Greek city!

Thessaloniki Taxi Fares and Payment Options

Thessaloniki taxis charge fares based on a combination of factors including distance traveled, time spent in traffic, and the current demand for taxis. Fares increase slightly during evening hours and on weekends and holidays. As of 2024, the initial charge for entering a taxi is €2.50, with an additional fee of €0.68 per kilometer and €0.12 for each 45 seconds of waiting or traffic delay.

Calculating Your Fare

The taxi meter will start at €2.50 and calculate your fare based on the distance and duration of your ride. The final amount will be displayed on the meter when you arrive at your destination. Cash is accepted by all taxi drivers, though many also accept major credit and debit cards. It is customary to tip taxi drivers around 10% of the total fare.

Flat Fare Options

Some taxis offer flat fare rates for rides to and from the Thessaloniki International Airport and for trips within the city center. These fixed rates can save you money compared to the metered fare. When booking your taxi, ask if a flat fare rate is available for your desired route. The flat fare should be agreed upon before entering the taxi to avoid confusion over the total charge.

Advance Booking

During busy times like weekends, holidays and evening hours, it is best to book a taxi in advance by calling the taxi company dispatch or using the company’s mobile app. Provide your current location and destination address so the driver knows where to pick you up. Advance bookings also allow you to request additional services like pet transport or wheelchair accessibility if needed. Booking in advance helps avoid long wait times and ensures a taxi will be available when you need one.

Paying the correct fare and providing a gratuity are customary parts of using a taxi service in Thessaloniki. Knowing the standard rates and payment options ahead of your trip will make navigating the city by taxi easy and affordable. With courteous drivers and comfortable vehicles, taxis can be an enjoyable way to explore Thessaloniki without the hassle of driving and finding parking.

Tips for Riding in Thessaloniki Taxis

Do Your Research

Before arriving in Thessaloniki, research the local taxi services to familiarize yourself with the available options. Check if taxis run on meters and the starting fare as prices may differ between companies. It is also advisable to have the address and contact details of your accommodation handy.

Negotiate the Fare

Unless taxis run on a meter, negotiate the fare before starting your journey. Try to agree on a reasonable fixed price, keeping in mind that taxis cannot charge more than the maximum fare set by the government. If possible, ask your hotel concierge about standard fares to common destinations. Be polite yet firm, and do not feel pressured into accepting an unreasonable fare.

Have Small Bills Ready

Taxis in Thessaloniki may not provide change for large bills, so have smaller denominations ready when paying your fare. While credit cards are commonly accepted, cash payments are preferable to avoid additional processing fees. Politely inform the driver at the start of your journey if you only have large bills so they can stop at a shop or bank if change is required.

Stay Alert

As with any foreign city, remain vigilant in Thessaloniki taxis. Sit in the backseat behind the driver and be wary of unsolicited detours or stops. Only take taxis from designated ranks or with clear company branding. Note the taxi details including the number plate and company name in case of any issues. Do not display valuables openly and keep bags close for the duration of your journey.

Following these tips will help ensure a safe, pleasant experience getting around Thessaloniki by taxi. With some caution and common sense, taxis can be a convenient way to explore all the city has to offer. Have a wonderful trip!

Frequently Asked Questions About Thessaloniki Taxis

How can I reserve a taxi in advance?

To reserve a taxi in advance for your trip to Thessaloniki, you have a few options. Many taxi companies allow you to book on their website, via email, or over the phone. Provide details about your flight arrival time and destination in Thessaloniki so the taxi can arrive on time to pick you up. Advance reservations are recommended, especially if you are arriving during a busy time or have a large group.

Is tipping customary?

Tipping taxi drivers in Thessaloniki is customary. Most locals tip between 10 to 15 percent of the total fare. Tipping in cash is appreciated since many taxi drivers are independent operators. Round up to the nearest whole number or specify the tip amount when paying by card. Tipping is a way to show your appreciation for good service.

Can taxis accommodate luggage or wheelchairs?

Most taxis in Thessaloniki can accommodate luggage, wheelchairs, and mobility devices. When booking your taxi, specify that you will have luggage or require wheelchair access to ensure an appropriately sized vehicle is dispatched. The driver will help load and unload baggage and provide any necessary assistance. Thessaloniki’s taxi fleet includes vans and wheelchair accessible vehicles to serve all travelers’ needs.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Thessaloniki taxi drivers accept both cash and major credit/debit cards as payment. The fare will be displayed on the meter, so you will know the total amount owed at the end of your ride. Paying by card is convenient, but carrying some euro cash is still recommended in case the card machine is not working. Most fares start around €3.50, with additional charges for luggage, tolls or after-hours service.

Can I get a taxi from the airport?

Yes, there are designated taxi stands outside both Thessaloniki Airport arrivals terminals. The fare to downtown Thessaloniki is around €20 to €25 each way. The taxis are required to use a meter to calculate the fare, so the exact price will depend on traffic conditions. Only board a taxi from one of the designated stands, as some private drivers may overcharge you. For added convenience, book your airport transfer in advance through one of the reputable taxi companies that serve the airport.


As we come to the end of our guide, it is clear that hiring a taxi in Thessaloniki in 2024 requires some research and planning. By understanding the local companies, fares, and regulations, you can ensure a smooth experience getting around the city. With the tips provided here, you now have the knowledge to confidently hire a Thessaloniki taxi that meets your needs and budget. Just remember to book ahead when possible, have cash and cards on hand for payment, and use licensed taxis found at official stands for safety and fair pricing. Follow these best practices, and your taxi rides in Thessaloniki will be comfortable, affordable and efficient.